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Story Time

So I figured I'd open my fancy revamped blog with a nice story I wrote a little while back.

It's about a ghost! So enjoy I suppose!

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Well, I just fell off the face of the planet didn't I?

Oh well, anyhow, I'll just start posting here again now won't I?

Hoping People are still interested in the insane life of yours truly.

Animazement and my sudden disability.
GAH! I was looking through my top dresser drawer, aka the place i normally stash extra cash, and gaspeth! I've only stashed 3 dollars away for Animazement!!!! NOOOO!!! Why?! what the hellspawn is up with that?! Oh well, I've got... two months until tickets go on sale. Erm, Advance tickets are like, mundo cheaper than door tickets and if my 3 dollars thing didn't tell you,  I soooooo can't afford 50 dollar door tickets I'm not even sure I'll get. Plus, I really really really wanna get a con hotel room. Not a big one, one for like two people then like stuff the other four that are going with me in. I'll sleep on the floor. Oh hell, who am i kidding, I wont sleep at all I'll be too psyched... As a second note, anyone who wants to crash in my room at con, totally can, just tell me who (or if) you're cosplaying as, meet me somewhere and i'll make sure we can do this thang. just so you know, my chaperone is nice but scary protective da big lug, so no mean serial killahs, get that outta your system on Halloween or New Years. And, for those who don't know, Animazement is on Memorial Day weekend every single year. Plan for it peeps and we'll all go get dinner togetha at least. I'm planning on cos-playing as Elie from Rave Master, just because I've totally fallen in love with the girl. seriously, like scary love... ah, Fanboy love of the most abstract kind... especially as I'm a girl with self gender identification issuses... I'm a person, not a gender!!!! (not transexual though... just throwing that out there though I consider myself a guy as I am the essence of manliness! lol)  Anyhow, the disability thing, writers block, not on normal things, just lemons, I started a OP AceXSmoker giftficcy from my lovah Tro but... weeeeeeell, I started the lemon, started being the key word as I got about half way then froze.
my mind went as follows.
the hell...
Did I...
Did I just have a total road block here?!so, then I attempted to write out various wrap ups but it didn't work so now I have a thrice damned half finished lemon, of which I had a few of before my comp died and I had to grab a sucky little Slimline from RaC, but never really planned on finishing the poor little suckers.
I've tried guys, I really have but... shit... all ideas of writer's block exumption have vanished from my mind. I've tried sitting in front of the comp for hours on end, I've tried leaving the house and running around doing various crap outside (Brush Creek Elementary School Harvest Festival was super fun ever though I didn't really want to be there and only went because my little bro needed a chaperone. okay music and a nice manga reading corner made me feel loads better and I eventually emerged and ran around a bit. Anyone who went there, I was the chick by the huge inflatible slide thing reading Godchild vol. 5... for like the first few hours. I read it like twice, loving all the innuendo.) Seriously, I even hung out with Morty for like, 5 hours a week ago when this started and nothing will give. I haven't been able to write a single full on lemon on this computer, which is so messed up because I can write them everywhere else, in the livingroom in my notebook, in my room on my older than time not connected to the internet computer,  outside in public, at the bookstore, on and on, but nope. not on this tiny little shit thing. why the hell is my imagination so evil to me?! It's got a mind of it's own I'm telling you, forces my fingers to type past their carpel tunnel limits and forces my mind to accept that my imagination holds dominion. It's dumb, so not I have to go and write the lemon in a different room on stupid notebook paper and then go and type it all up in the kitchen where my new comp is. stupid eccentricity. sometimes I hate you...
but back to the brighter subject, Animazement! whoo! anyone else going needs to totally look me up, I'll be loitering around with Morty, my sister, maaaaaybe my 6 year old brother and possibly my mom, mostly because she secretly yearns to see one of these things up close.
but also because I still don't have a driver's license yet and I'll need a ride since Morty doesn't have a car... Also I think we're draging along the rest of our gang, my sister's boyfriend and ex, they're still friends which bugs me to no end for some reason, my Morty's friend Heidi and her boyfriend, who's perfect for her and just as nuts, and a couple others I'm not certain about. we're caravaning if you can't tell. with like... 3 cars? eh. the shitty Geo is my car, the shity Purple Geo... actually it's a nice car to ride in, just not to drive cause it's in a bad state of disrepair. right now it's broke down which is saddening... my baby POS!!!!! anyhow this entry is like... huge... and I need to work on my costume, I'll get pictures up for people who don't get to see me there, and yeah, just buzz me if you happen to be headin to Durham for Ani this May!!! Lovies.

quizlike poll thingy that looked kinda fun...

Rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "Five Weird Habits of Yourself" and people who get tagged need to write an LJ entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and list their LJ IDs. Don't forget to leave a comment saying "You Are Tagged" on their LJ and tell them to read yours.

1. I type one handed and write one handed, different hands for each pencil and keyboard, left for keyboard, right for pen, pencil, marker, ect. I even play piano with just me left hand, lol, I'm not very good.

2. I have a creepy way of joking around that everyone always thinks I'm serious for some reason... Even when what I'm saying is absolute crud no one would base a serious conversation around. (example Me: Anyhow So I thought maybe I'd write a story about animal porn and see how people react, Someone else: that's totally not cool, people who look at that stuff are sick twisted freaks! see what I mean?)

3. I can't sleep unless I've wrote for at least 3 hours before bed, and after that I'm utterly crashed and sleep till 12 the next day...

4. I try Characters favorite foods while I'm writing, when I write Artemis Fowl fics I drink Earl Gray tea, when I write Bleach fics I eat bean paste, when I write Naruto I eat dango... I never drink Earl Gray, even like bean paste, or go outta my way to make dango accept when I'm writing those genres...

5. I consider the fact that my wrists click because of my carpal tunnle syndrome a talent...

yeah, I'll tag people later, I don't know enough peeps yet... just thought It'd be kinda fun to think about all the weird things I do...


I Did it! my Page is no longer a huge mess!!!! YES!!! I'd like to thank Tro from being an absolute doll and sending me the code I needed to fix all my stuff, woman, you and your huge ass squid tattoo, you are my new love item, and I truely appeciate you!!! For you I'll give you... anything... any sort of creative item you can think of, just know my art isn't the highest of quality but my writing kicks violent ass. :3 yaoi. Seriously, any pairing you can think of, crack or no (I am awesome at crack I just got struck with absolute canon inspiration for my first fic.) and I shall write it for you!!!! *wink* Or if you insist I could draw something... It'd take all night but... I'd work it out for you sweety. Oh geh... I called someone sweety again... fuck... Oh well, please don't be shy, if I have no clue who the people in the pairing are I'll look it up, I am that freaking devoted to repaying you! Too much senkai and period dramas I suppose... oh well, it's all for you Tro, as a thank you. ^__^ 
(Can you notice the difference between the last few posts and now? freaking ecstatic man...)

I. Hate. Being. Dumb.
god this sucks... I'm stuck a noob! Tro, Woman, you're great but I don't think I'm any good at this... hey, you know what, screw it, i'm gonna just post and post and post until I figure this shit out! TO THE LJ HELP PAGE!!!

Life, Love and lj-cut
hey. Got feedback, Tro I love you, and now am testing it out to see how it looks and all. This entry is purely spam... sorry... 

See? wasted space... 

Bored outta my flippin mind
So... Confused... I really need help, what the hell is lj-cut? how am I suppsed to work it and where the hell am I supposed to post stories? I haven't been getting anything close to help and my Journal page looks super sloppy now cause I posted the whole fic right on the page... Cause I'm dumb... Seriously, heeeeeeeeelp meeeeeee!!! God, reduced to begging, no one is ever going to let me live it down... I'm going to be known forever as the dumb yaoi writer guy who couldn't figure out LJ. *cries like Jack Spicer* I'm so damn PATHETIC!!!! seriously, I did join a comm, but I can't figure shit out enough to post stuff... Friends, help. I need you. NEEEEEEEED!  I've got a stockpile of hardcore yaoi on here but I am so afraid to post it!!!! I finally get a new computer and then everything disolves cause my new community scares the shit outta me. ohhh... I never shoulda left Animespiral but there is like, no yaoi at all, and I'm too young to apply to AdultFanFiction or BoysNextDoor. god, stop my whining please? I FIGURED OUT MYSPACE, I CAN DO THIS TOO! Oh, who am I kidding, I'm fucked... seriously friends, help? even not friend people? people who don't know me? I will love you forever, seriously! You will be added here, and mentioned everywhere I can post beautiful things about you. ooh! I'll draw something lovely for you! that's gotta give someone incentive! Anyhow, yeah, mentoring would be nice... as soon as I figure all this crap out, bam! yaoi in the highest. 
*bows out.*

I'm so going to be beaten for this...
Okay, first off, I am so new to LJ I still have my umbiblical cord, so to speak, and i absolutely know someone is going to bitch at me cause I put my fic in wrong but you know what? Bitch people, if you don't I will never learn anything. So I am asking you to yell at me, and tell me what the hell I'm doing wrong, and how to fix it. Seriously, I am so LJ impaired right now, it's just as bad as when I got a myspace page to begin with, btw you can view my more awesome than awesome (now at least...) MySpace page here: (the name is my sister's I used her yahoo account for the MySpace junk to be sent to.)
Read my awesome blog pages, and hey, you could friend me... here and there. Please? But back to the fact that I am posting my fic directly to my journal, I don't know what I am doing, and thus started with a lower rated iece to prevent getting my account pulled or something. So please, PLEASE, help me out writer elders! this is probably the only place I would accept halp from anyone else. Here and in the past MySpace.

So read the story if you want, it's kinda good actually. I hope I don’t get bitched at… I mean, in the flamer way...


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